RestartPlug FAQs

    Q:  How do I setup my RestartPlug?

    Q:  How do I setup the web app?

    Q:  How do I tell if the Internet is OK by looking at the RestartPlug?

    A: Look at the blue LED:

    Solid blue means WiFi is good. You always want this to be solid!

    Fast blinking blue means there is an outage. The plug is restarting Internet.

    If the fast blinking continues then you should contact your ISP because there is an outage of service.

    Slow blinking blue means you have not setup the RestartPlug. This is the default setup mode.

    The amber LED signifies if power is being output to the socket.

    Q:  What are the power specifications of the RestartPlug?

    A: Power specifications:

    Voltage: AC 90-260V

    Power Frequency: 50/60 Hz

    Current: 10 Amps

    Q:  Does this work if my WiFi router is separate from my broadband modem? How do I restart both?

    A:  Use a power strip to monitor three separate devices (Router/Modem/Access Point) with one RestartPlug. You do not need to purchase a RestartPlug for each device. But make sure not to plug in other devices like a TV or the power will be cut if there is an Internet outage. Never plug in high voltage devices such as a washer, dryer, or AC.

    Q:  What if the Internet doesn't come back when the power is cycled?

    A:  The RestartPlug will continue to check for connectivity and will continue to cut power every five minutes until the Internet is restored. You can set this value higher or lower during setup. Change the "Outage Wait Time" option.

    Q:  How do I call you about my RestartPlug for support?

    A:  You should contact your ISP for any support regarding your Internet service. We do not have access to anything to help troubleshoot your Internet connection. If you have issues with our device please email support at with details of how the device is malfunctioning.

    Q:  What frequency bands does the RestartPlug use?

    A:  The RestartPlug only uses the 2.4GHz band for WiFi. It does not monitor access points set to use ONLY 5GHz. That doesn't mean you cannot use a 5GHz router, it only means that if you have 5GHz enabled you will still also need to have 2.4GHz enabled for the RestartPlug to work properly.

    Q:  What WiFi technology type does the RestartPlug use?

    A:  The RestartPlug uses 802.11n technology. It can also connect to older 802.11g and 802.11b routers. You can also connect and monitor newer 802.11ac routers as long as they are configured to allow 802.11n clients (which is usually the default).

    Q:  How do I reset the RestartPlug back to factory defaults?

    A:  Hold down the reset button on the left side of the face of the RestartPlug for more than 5 seconds. This will put the RestartPlug back into setup mode. Do this anytime you change your WiFi password and need to connect to your new WiFi network.

    Q:  Shouldn't I just get a new router?

    A:  Yes, if you are constantly having to restart a router, it should be replaced. Many times it's not the router that has the issue, but it's the broadband modem from the ISP that needs to be restarted. If you do not trust both of these items 100%, the RestartPlug is a great insurance policy to make sure these devices stay working. Especially important for anyone with WiFi devices that they rely on while they are away.