RestartPlug Web App

Automate your tech support

  •   Troubleshoots your WiFi to find out what went wrong

  •   Sends email alerts

  •   Allows you to send a remote restart

  •   Status dashboard (view multiple RestartPlugs)

  •   Event dashboard (history)

Works with the current RestartPlug!

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The web app is $2 per month or $20 per year, per plug. (w/ a 3 day trial)

(The web app is optional and not required for the RestartPlug to work.)

App details

Event diagnostics & troubleshooting

The web app will give you the reason that the WiFi Internet stopped working. It does this by occasionally running diagnostics when the Internet is known to be good. Then, when the RestartPlug detects an outage, it will run the diagnostics again to see where the Internet is bad. This lets you know if it is a problem with the WiFi, the router, the modem, or the ISP. This is listed as the "event reason." The more specific details will also be highlighted in red to show you why the Internet failed.

Screenshot of WiFi outage:

Screenshot of router outage:

Remote restart/Email alerts

The web app allows you to send a remote restart to your RestartPlug. You can do this from the same network or from anywhere in the world. It will work out of the box with no configuration to the WiFi equipment.

You can subscribe to receive an email when the RestartPlug is offline for more than 10 minutes. And also receive an alert when the issue is resolved and the RestartPlug is back online.

Screenshot of Control dashboard:

Status dashboards

The status dashboard shows all of your RestartPlugs and if they are currently online or offline.

Screenshot of main status dashboard:

Events dashboards

The events dashboard shows all of the events for your RestartPlugs with the reason for the outage detected.

Screenshot of Events dashboard:

The web app is available for all RestartPlugs.
There is a 3 day trial, after that it is only $2 per month or $20 per year, per plug.

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